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How the qualy turned out

In the first phase of the BOSS German Padel Open, two German padel pairs each in the men's and women's division had the chance to qualify for the main competition of the tournament.

In the men's competition, Pepe Aliaga Cruz (106 in the World Padel Tour ranking) and Pablo Castillo Valverde (100) won 6-4 and 7-5 against Nick Merten and Christian Böhnke, who just missed out on a respectable victory. Antonio Varo Ramos (160) and Sergi Nogueras Lorenzo (320), meanwhile, advanced to the next round in the battle for a spot in the main event by defeating Philipp Holz and Claudius Panske 6-1 and 6-0.

The German women were also denied a surprise coup against their Iberian counterparts. The duo Corina Scholten and Katrin Bäcker lost to Patricia Ribeiro (79, POR) and Julia Polo Bautista (81, ESP) 1-6 and 0-6, while Luciana Renic and Carmen Smolka were beaten 1-6 and 3-6 by the favored Spaniards Maria Castanera Hernandez (95) and Mireia Herrada Ruiz (88).

At the qualifying tournament, which was held at the We Are Padel Club, four duos each secured a ticket for the main competition in the women's and men's categories. The winners at a glance:


- Alvaro Cepero Rodriguez (58) & Alex Chozas (112).

- Aitor Garcia Bassas (125) & Mario Ortega Ripoli (89)

- Luis Hernandez Quesada (75) & Jose Jimenez Casas (73).

- Enrique Goenaga Garcia (63) & Marc Quilez Palleja (60).


- Jimena Velasco Postiguillo (62) & Noa Canovas Paredes (49).

- Lara Arruabarrena Vecino (63) & Ana Fernandez De Osso Fuentes (54).

- Agueda Perez Ortiz (51) & Patricia Martinez Fortun (72).

- Arantxa Soriano Perez (53) & Sandra Bellver Fructuoso (57).

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