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Great sport and a full house

Picture: German Padel Open / Sascha Feuster

And then there were only four left: After an action-packed day, the four men's and four women's semi-final duos have been determined at the BOSS German Padel Open presented by SIXT.

As in the round of 16, the women's number 1 duo Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría kicked things off in the quarterfinals. The two Spaniards defeated Verónica Virseda (17th in the World Padel Tour ranking) and Claudia Jensen (11th) 6-4 and 6-4 and thus marched on towards the final without losing a set. Gemma Triay (3.) and Marta Ortega (6.) also kept going, eliminating Claudia Fernández (20) and Victoria Iglesias (19).

The other two quarterfinals were much more competitive. In a marathon match lasting over three hours, Tamara Icardo (9th) and María Virginia (8th) defeated their opponents Alejandra Salazar (4th) and Sofia Araujo (10th) 7-6, 4-6 and 6-4. A great success, which the winners could only enjoy for a short time. A little later, they had to cancel their participation in the semifinals due to injury.

The duel between Delfina Brea (7th) & Beatriz González (5) vs. Lucía Sainz (15) & Patricia Llaguno (18) was also won after three sets. The duo Sainz/Llaguno, who are ranked lower in the WPT ranking, achieved a surprise coup with their success (6-2, 4-6, 3-6).

While Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría moved into the grand final in Düsseldorf without a fight due to the withdrawal of their opponents due to injury, Gemma Triay (3, ESP) & Marta Ortega (6, ESP) will have to deal with Lucía Sainz (15th) & Patricia Llaguno (18th).

Coello/Tapía win in tiebreak

The men's quarterfinals were also very exciting. At times it even smelled like a sensation. The number 1 duo Arturo Coello (1) and Agustín Tapía (2) lost their first set during the tournament. In the second set, their opponents Jorge Nieto (16) and Jon Sanz (13) even had the chance to win the match at 6-5. But Coello/Tapía held on and fought their way back into the match. After more than two hours, they finally entered the semifinals in a tiebreak in the third set.

There they will meet Alejandro Galán (5th) and Juan Lebrón (6th) in an absolute top match. The two Spaniards in turn prevailed in a thrilling match in three sets against Juan Tello and Alejandro Ruiz.

The semifinal duels:

- Francisco Navarro (7, ESP) & Federico Chingotto (8, ARG) vs. Martín Di Nenno (3, ARG) & Franco Stupaczuk (4, ARG).

- Arturo Coello (1, ESP) & Agustín Tapia (2, ARG) vs. Alejandro Galán (5, ESP) & Juan Lebrón (6, ESP)

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